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Saving for a down payment is the entrance exam for home ownership. How long will it take you to break into the market? Find out with this new interactive tool.

After years of experts - including the IMF, Bank of Canada, the OECD and Canada's biggest banks warning that Canadian real estate is overvalued and cruising for a bruising, is your city heading for trouble?

Frank Napolitano of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa discusses the new rules to tighten mortgage lending..

Steve, Frank and Paul, along with Barb Kramer, take all of your real estate and mortgages questions.

Even if you have signed on for a long mortgage, with payments scheduled to continue until you’re old, there are ways to speed everything up, experts say.

It is common for today's first time home buyers to use all assets that they have to come up with a down payment, but is this the right decision? Here are some things to consider.

Steve, Frank and Paul take all of your real estate and mortgage questions.

The Purchase Plus Improvement program allows the homebuyer(s) to purchase a property and include the cost of the improvements in their mortgage financing.

Planning to buy a home? Refer to our guide to learn what steps are involved in obtaining your mortgage!

Will the drop in the stock market affect Ottawa's real estate? Steve, Frank and Paul take all of your real estate and mortgages questions.

Have you gone through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy and are concerned about not being able to obtain financing for a new home? Frank Napolitano discusses how to gain a lender's trust on this segment of CTV's Mortgage Minute.

Are you looking to complete an upcoming renovation, or to consolidate some credit card debt? Refinancing your mortgage to do so may be the solution to either of these scenarios as interest rates on other loans are typically much higher.